What Is A Twice Shirt

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The brand name of TWICE is “TWICE shirt“, named after the popular Malaysian show which uses the same concept. The show in fact runs true to life and the shirts are popular with locals, expatriates, teens and adults alike. Each shirt has the words” TWICE” Shraddha-Kapoor-in-Mumbai first love bts and https://kpop-music.net “LIGHT STYLE” printed on… Continue reading What Is A Twice Shirt

Promoting Your Brand With NCT Merchandising

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NCT stands for New School Clothing and is the newest up and coming kid’s wear line from the world-renowned clothing line D&G. It is modeled after the most popular brands of kids like Armani, Diesel and Fendi. The brand is an extension of its parent company’s own desire to create a new modern take on… Continue reading Promoting Your Brand With NCT Merchandising

What Are ATEEZ Outfits

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Since 2020 the world of fashion has been talking about ATEEZ, the global phenomenon created by urban clothing label. It is the brainchild of a young Londoner called Ayah D. Ridgway who set up his company in order to supply street wear to those who needed a fresh start. Ridgway’s first collection was met with… Continue reading What Are ATEEZ Outfits